The Partner for Gibraltar Business

World Trade Center is a partner for Gibraltar business offering solutions that allow companies to concentrate on the important issues around growing their businesses, not worrying about office services minutiae.

As part of this service based approach, World Trade Center offers units of all sizes as well as flexible leases allowing tenants to face the challenges surrounding managing growth and managing downturns. This means that even a one-man start-up can have access to a super-premium office in a world-class working environment – even to the point in a small office where one person can be cooled slightly and another warmed at the same time – but on a monthly cost to suit individual budgets and with no long-term commitment.

When these companies achieve critical mass and have the confidence to make a long-term commitment that can be delivered as well, and for established small businesses perhaps looking for a more prestigious environment, there are permanent units available from 26 square metres upwards.

World Trade Center also offers a menu of options to tenants for ease of operation as well as predictability on costs. Offices will be available already fitted out to the highest possible standards meaning little or no fit-out costs. Tenants will simply need to decide where they want a tea and coffee point and move in. All the necessary infrastructure – suspended ceiling, raised floor for cabling, power boxes, cable boxes, air-conditioning, lighting, sockets and so on – is already there and flexible to individual requirements. Tenants will even be able to organise utility supplies centrally, at cost, and each unit will be individually metered to make it as easy as possible. It also means that occupied space is not taken up with non-productive elements such as W.C’s.”

Staff recruitment and retention is always an issue for businesses and World Trade Center helps here as well. There are many factors that influence a company’s ability to find and keep the right quality of staff and the working environment is definitely one of them. World Trade Center sets a completely new standard for offices in Gibraltar right through to the luxurious marble rest rooms. Nothing like it will ever have been seen in Gibraltar before. From the huge glass entrance foyer to the stunning light-filled atrium, every part of the building will make people feel good about where they work and in turn feel good about the company they work for. It will also help reduce staff sickness which costs the UK economy an astonishing £6.54bn per year. Every aspect of World Trade Center has been designed to avoid Sick Building Syndrome from the lighting and climate control to ventilation and double air filtration.

And all of this is just a 9 minute walk from the border, 4 minutes from Casemates and 1 minute from the shops and bars of Ocean Village.