Well Being

Staff sickness costs the UK economy an astonishing £6.5bn per year which means reduced productivity and increased operating costs. The commercial world is waking up to the fact that by providing staff with a healthy and vibrant working environment staff sickness can be reduced – healthy and happy employees are more motivated, more productive and take less time off.

For this reason World Trade Center Gibraltar have ensured that the building design and choice of specification is geared to reduce Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and Building Relates Illness (BRI) meaning our environment is the smart choice for employers who seek to have a motivated and healthy work force and avoid potential litigants


Lighting in World Trade Center offices is compliant with HSE guidance on Sick Building Syndrome and CIBSE codes for interior lighting. Inferior lighting or over-bright lighting can trigger nausea, headaches and even epilepsy.

Natural light

This is provided by extensive glazed areas including floor to ceiling glazed areas in some locations. In addition interior offices benefit from a glazed atrium area.


All offices enjoy continuous air exchange of 10 litres per second per person which not only meets, but exceeds the HSE guidance on Sick Building Syndrome by 20%. Heat exchangers mean efficient pre-conditioning of incoming air which reduces power consumption.

In addition dependent on client choice certain office units are available with opening windows.

Air filtration

Many offices rely on the filters within the air conditioning system to ensure occupants breath clean air. At World Trade Center we have gone one step further and introduced filtering on the air drawn in from outside so passes through two filters before being released beneath the ceiling.

Climate control

Full climate control is fitted to each unit. Zoned cooling layout allows different machines within the same demise to be set to heating and cooling simultaneously.

Low VOC’s

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) can be present in low quality compressed chip-board skirting, doors and architrave as well as carpet tiles. An example is Formaldehyde which can be present in adhesives. VOC’s can activate or exacerbate symptoms in those prone to illness. World Trade Center Gibraltar has specifically selected products which meet or exceed guidance on low VOC’s.


The building surround, reception, the atrium area and some terraces will be planted with trees to provide not simply an attractive and relaxing atmosphere but to ensure CO2 is naturally reduced.

Intelligent working space

Employees who are forced to work in inadequate and disorganised space are subjected to higher levels of stress and are more prone to illness. For this reason we have provided office spaces which are modular by design and allow for internal partitions, under-floor power and data distribution boxes, lighting and air conditioning to be quickly and easily moved to accommodate changes in staffing levels.

Recreational areas

World Trade Center Gibraltar has a focus on occupant well being. Many developers seek simply to maximise space available where we have provided a cathedral like atrium with a relaxing ambience with the hussle and bussle of the working office, and a generous mezzanine café area to create break-out areas for staff to relax, meet and enjoy much needed down-time.


It is a little appreciated point that poor building maintenance can create a bad impression for not only clients but also create a depressive environment and ambience for employees. World Trade Center Gibraltar are investing in the latest technology Building Management Systems (BMS) which allow the maintenance team to know instantly when air quality is poor, a lift is out of action, security barriers have malfunctioned or water pumps are not working correctly. This means a pro active approach to maintenance where in standard offices this relies on a building janitor noting defects or tenants having to report them.


World Trade Center Gibraltar will have a fully staffed concierge reception and 24 hour security. Combined with entrance barriers, CCTV and security access doors throughout the building, staff can feel safe and confident in their working environment thereby reducing stress.