World Trade Center Gibraltar

World Trade Center Gibraltar celebrates 1st Anniversary on the Rock

The 15 th February 2018 marked the 1st Anniversary of the inauguration of World Trade Center (WTC) Gibraltar, an important step in enhancing Gibraltar’s outlook for global trade. WTC Gibraltar has been committed to attracting more international business to the Rock and with it, a significant boost to the local economy. The 1st Anniversary was celebrated with a huge replica cake of the World Trade Center building. The fantastic creation by “Sugar Sweet” took over 65 hours to make, included […]

World Trade Center Spreads Some Christmas Cheer

Chairman, Gregory Butcher presented a cheque for £1000 on behalf of World Trade Center this week to Gerard Teuma, CEO of GBC.   However, in keeping with the Christmas spirit, Mr Butcher announced that this would be increased to £2000.  GBC Open Day has already raised an incredible £105,000 and the generosity of the people of Gibraltar continues with donations still pouring in. Further testimony to the kindness of the World Trade Center members are the 308 children’s presents that have […]

WTC Gibraltar welcomes London Stock Exchange

WTC Gibraltar welcomes London Stock Exchange 17th November 2017, GIBRALTAR – World Trade Center Gibraltar hosted senior representatives of the London Stock Exchange Group this week as part of a Capital Raising Conference. The event provided insight to companies considering a possible IPO on the London markets and covered the recent trends in the listed debt market, in addition to developments at the Gibraltar Stock Exchange. In a welcoming address to the delegation led by the Gibraltar Israel Chamber of Commerce […]

A senior Chinese delegation visits WTC Gibraltar

3rd November 2017, GIBRALTAR – A senior Chinese delegation led by the Chinese Embassy’s Minister Counsellor for Economic and Commercial Affairs, Mr Jin Xu, visited World Trade Center Gibraltar (WTC Gibraltar) today with HM Government of Gibraltar, to discuss ways in which trade can be enhanced between China and Gibraltar. Senior representatives from the Chinese Embassy to the UK, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and the Department of Commerce for Hunan Province attended, in addition […]

Fairhomes Group Celebrates Triple Triumph at the International Property Awards 2017

The Gibraltar-based international real estate investment and development company Fairhomes Group, celebrates a hat-trick of victories in the European categories of this year’s International Property Awards in London. The Group was honoured on 26th October at the European Property Awards held at the London Royal Lancaster Hotel. The three successes come thanks to two of its latest Gibraltar developments: Imperial Ocean Plaza, award winner for Residential High-rise Development in Gibraltar; and World Trade Center Gibraltar, which won both Best Office […]

Report on Social & Economic impacts of WTC Gibraltar

  To download the Nairne Report, Click Here. NEW YORK – A report detailing the social and economic impacts of World Trade Center (WTC) Gibraltar was presented to the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) in New York this week. Following the official opening of World Trade Center Gibraltar by the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister in February of this year, World Trade Center Gibraltar commissioned the independent, international economic consultancy Nairne Limited, to study and report on the economic […]

World Trade Center welcomes Gibraltar’s first Bitcoin ATM

15th August 2017   Gibraltar’s first Bitcoin ATM (BATM) is now installed in the reception of World Trade Center Gibraltar. People working and living in Gibraltar, as well as those visiting can now purchase the cryptocurrency using cash and mobile phone wallet apps. The BATM accepts GBP, GIP and EUR notes, so a fraction of a Bitcoin can be purchased for as little as £10 or €10. Bitcoin ATMs are regarded as the beacons of the cryptocurrency industry, which has […]

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Gibraltar celebrates opening of World Trade Center in the face of Brexit

February 16, 2017 10:15 AM Central European Time GIBRALTAR–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In spite of a locally unpopular referendum result last June, the business community of Gibraltar is pushing ahead. With 90% of Gibraltar’s business and services in the EU single market being conducted with the UK, investors on the Rock have continued optimism for economic growth. This optimism was epitomized at World Trade Center Gibraltar, when the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister joined forces with developer, Gregory Butcher to conduct the […]

Tours of World Trade Center Gibraltar now available!

You can now experience WTC Gibraltar for yourself. With the superstructure almost complete it is now possible to enter all of the building up to the fifth floor. With 5 floors of the World Trade Center Gibraltar superstructure now complete, we would like to invite you to come on site and experience the building for yourself. It’s easily the best way to understand the scale of the building, the details of the units that are still available and the overall […]

World Trade Center taking shape

The World Trade Center superstructure is now five floors out of the ground and becoming recognisable as the iconic finished design. The impressive design of World Trade Gibraltar is now clearly recognisable with nearly six floors of the superstructure completed. It is unmissable to anyone entering Gibraltar with its striking elevations rising above Victoria Stadium already making a statement about its central role in Gibraltar’s economic future and about the importance of its occupants in the development of that future. […]